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BPOA, the grassroots trade association championing rental housing providers in Berkeley, boasts a membership exceeding 700 owners and affiliated professionals. At the heart of our community, we cater to a majority of small housing providers, whether you own a single unit or a thriving portfolio of fifty. BPOA isn't just an association; it's your ally in saving time and money. We furnish invaluable resources and information essential for seamless operations, ensuring you avoid costly pitfalls.

As a nonprofit powerhouse, we wield influence in political spheres, tirelessly defending your legal rights. Want your voice heard? Drop us an email, and we'll channel your message directly to any of our esteemed board members. Because at BPOA, your success is our mission.

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  • Krista C. Gulbransen

    Krista C. Gulbransen

    Executive Director, Berkeley Property Owners Association

    Executive Director

  • Tiffany Van Buren

    Tiffany Van Buren

    Deputy Director, Berkeley Property Owners Association

    Deputy Director

  • Sandra Clement

    Membership Manager, Berkeley Property Owners Association

    Membership Manager

BPOA Board of Directors

BPOA Board of Directors, 2024
  • Dan Lieberman

    Dan Lieberman

    Milestone Properties

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  • Sam Sorokin

    Sam Sorokin

    President, Managing Partner & Broker, Premium Properties

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    Vice President

  • Richard Genirberg

    Managing member, Genirberg Siblings, LLC

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  • Sid Lakireddy

    Sid Lakireddy

    Anchor Valley Management

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  • Mark Tarses

    Mark Tarses

    Tarses Properties

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    Board Member

  • Jon Vicars

    Jon Vicars

    Vicars Properties

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    Board Member

  • Bahman Ahmadi

    Bahman Ahmadi

    BGHB Properties

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    Board Member

  • William Flynn

    William Flynn

    Flynn Clement Properties

    Board Member

  • Alison Simon

    Alison Simon

    1135 Delaware St LLC

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    Board Member

  • Albert Sukoff

    Albert Sukoff

    Berkeley Court Apartments

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    Board Member & Newsletter Editor

  • Paul Tuleja

    Paul Tuleja

    Tuleja Properties

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    Board Member