Application & Screening

Tenant Background Checks for both credit and criminal background. NOTE: in Berkeley, you are no longer permitted to do criminal background checks on a prospective tenant (unless you are an owner-occupied duplex or triplex). You may run a background check for any civil lawsuits but not for criminal ones. If you are preparing to lease your property, we suggest our partner Intellirent. With this product, members with owner-occupied duplexes and triplexes can opt-in to receive criminal screenings. 

Berkeley Rent Laws & Regulations

Are you curious about what Berkeley rent laws and regulations actually say? Have the desire to read legislative language? Check out our database of regulations and policies related to rental housing in Berkeley.

Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board

A quick link to the Berkeley Rent Board's website. You may also lookup information on a property in the Rent Board's rent registry.

California Megans Law Offender Database

All owners may use this database to search in regard to a prospective resident, including those units subject to the Fair Chance Ordinance.

California Rental Housing Association

Our statewide organization advocates for small rental housing providers across California. All BPOA members are automatically made a member of CalRHA. To learn more about our advocacy work, click here.

Electronic Waste Center with Free Pickup for Berkeley Residents

Help your residents properly dispose of computer monitors/  TVs / laptops/ cell phones/ printers/ copiers/ microwaves. Learn more here.

Exterior Elevated Elements (E3) Program

The City of Berkeley requires exterior elevated elements (wood and metal balconies, decks, walkways, stairway systems, landings, guardrails, and handrails) to be professionally inspected every five years. This applies to multi-unit properties with three or more sleeping or residential units. Learn more about the E3 program and deadlines. For a list of recommended inspectors, click here.