Membership Benefits & Services

Joining BPOA is the easiest business decision you'll ever make.

Benefits for Housing Providers include:  

  • Education. We alert you to the near-constant changes in the laws and regulations that govern Berkeley housing. We share Berkeley-only property management tips from our members. We host workshops and seminars where you can get help from professionals. And of course, you receive our prized monthly newsletter. 
  • Emergency Help. A quick call to our office can help you avoid costly mistakes. 
  • Forms. DON'T make the mistake of using mass-market leases or other forms that haven't been adapted to Berkeley's peculiar laws! 
  • Political Advocacy. This is YOUR trade association, and we protect you. Our staff and always-vigilant members track local developments. Our activities return far more to your bottom line than the cost of your membership. 

We offer three membership categories.

  • Regular Members (Housing Providers) pay a base fee of $250 plus $10 per number of units owned.
  • BRHC Members (Housing Providers) pay $250 per unit to support our political and legal work. BRHC members receive specialized communications to inform them of critical public policy or legal changes.
  • Associate Members are other lay folk and professionals interested in Berkeley housing policies and the Berkeley housing market, but have no rental units. Associate members pay a flat $300 per year. Join!