Meet Toggle®

BPOA has partnered with Toggle® to promote lease compliance by providing a low-cost option for renters insurance. If your renters have been hesitant to obtain renters insurance, believing it to be cost-prohibitive, they haven't met Toggle®.

Toggle®, a Farmer's Insurance Group division, offers affordable, customizable renters insurance policies starting at $5/month for $100K in liability coverage. Policies range from $5-$75/month, depending on what your renter chooses to "toggle" from their list of options, such as technology (up to $10K), furniture & appliances (up to $20K), fashion & jewelry (up to $10K), creative & maker (up to $10K), active gear (up to $10K), and collectibles (up to $10K). A selection of Add-Ons is available, including "Pet Parent" for pet damages, "Replacement Cost," which pays the full replacement cost instead of the depreciated value of an insured item, "Temporary Living Costs" at the rate of $50, $100, or $150 per day for if their unit becomes temporarily inhabitable, "Side Hustle"- a mini business insurance policy, "Identity Protector" for identity theft monitoring, and "Significant Other" for adding your renter's spouse to the policy at no additional cost. 

Toggle® has provided us with two versions of their flier (one features their pet coverage option more prominently), which you can access here and here.

The flier contains a QR code, which, when scanned, will take your tenant to the Toggle® website, where they can purchase a policy or get a no-obligation quote! You can take a look for yourself by clicking on the flier below.