Increasing Cash Flow by Lifting "No Pet" Policies

Posted By: Victoria Cowart Rental Housing Topics,

Do you have a "No Pets" policy? Don't bark about pets! Capitalize on the millions of households that have them. Rent faster, charge more, and increase the value of your assets! Even if you're currently pet-cold or pet-tepid, you can become pet-friendly and even pet-passionate! Grab a cup of coffee (or your lunch), and let's discuss how you can turn pets into "fur real" profits (and we'll touch on furry Fair Housing a bit, too!). 

Victoria Cowart, who has an extensive background in property management, is the Director of Education & Outreach for PetScreening. Passionate about education, simplification, and creating ease and understanding for industry members, Victoria is a wife, mother, and a proud PetScreening pack member who leads her own “pride” of three "pound-kitties." helps housing providers manage residents' pets and Assistance Animals digitally while generating opportunities for pet-related revenue. The virtual screening platform standardizes risk assessment for household pets by providing a Pet Profile and FIDO Score for each pet screened. PetScreening streamlines the Assistance Animal accommodation request review process while following HUD guidelines, which helps limit unauthorized pets.