Voting in Berkeley

Ballot Measures Recommendations (Berkeley City)

Measure L - $650m Bond Measure - VOTE NO

Called the Mother of All Bonds (MOAB), this hefty bond adds money to your property tax bill, but no guarantee the tax money will be spent on potholes, affordable housing, or fire prevention. At the cost of almost $42.00 per $100,000 of assessed value, this is just lining to coffers of the City Council's General Fund for pet projects. It's time voters stop giving more blank checks to Berkeley's city government with nothing to show for it! Learn more and contribute to the fight at 

Measure M - Vacancy Tax - VOTE NO

Although this measure has some exemptions for owner-occupied duplexes and triplexes, it is just another direct hit that tries to force owners to rent out their vacant units, even if they don't want to. Starting in 2024, a tax of $3,000 per vacant unit will be levied in the first year and $6,000 per unit for every year thereafter. This is a punishment for owning private real estate and not an incentive to bring more housing to the market. Click here for more information on Measure M according to Ballotpedia.

Measure N - Low-Income Housing - VOTE NO

While we support housing opportunities for low-income earners, this is a direct financial give to non-profit housing providers like SAHA and Bridge Housing. These agencies have a poor history of purchasing and managing rental housing but a good track record of paying their executives bloated salaries! There is a better use of taxpayer money to create affordable housing than a freebie to ineffective housing providers. Click here for more information on Measure N according to Ballotpedia.