Recorded Webinar-Intellirent Resident Screening: How to Compare Data and Use Reports

Posted By: Kathleen Castro Rental Housing,

Collecting the right data for accurate insights is crucial to any screening process. As a rental housing provider, you know bad residents are costly. The content of credit reports can be confusing to comprehend, and regulations around credit reporting can be tricky. Knowing best practices can help you build preventative measures to protect your rental business. This is a prerecorded 45 min class that will cover:

  1. What is and isn't included on credit reports
    2. Red Flags Rule
    3. Adverse Action Notices

After the recorded portion of the presentation, Kathleen will be on-hand to take your questions live and in the chat! 

 Instructors: Kara Hohne, Client Success Manager, and Kathleen Castro, Product Experience Manager

To access the playback file, click here!