Preparing a Rental for Marketing: Taking Your Unit from Drab to Fab on a Budget

Posted By: Tiffany Van Buren Housing Provider Tips,

Preparing a unit for re-rental can be a costly affair, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Small improvements are improvements, nonetheless. Here are a few budget-friendly upgrades that can take your rental unit from “Blah” to “Ahhh!” without draining your cash.

  1. Start with fresh paint: For walls and ceilings, Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee is a classic white with warm tones that reflects light wonderfully. Paint is a good way to update tired cabinets, refresh worn-out doors, and makes things look fresh and clean.
  2. Swap out those old light fixtures for LEDs: Flush mount led light fixtures are available in any home improvement store. They have a clean, modern look, they’re easy to install, and they can last for up to ten years - maintenance-free.
  3. Clean the window screens: Cleaning the windows is important, but you must clean the screens, as well to really make a difference. Give them a wash with dishwashing soap, then spray them down with a hose. Shake the water off, then reinstall.
  4. New cabinet pulls: Kitchen cabinets looking a little dated? Freshen them up with new, modern pulls! Bar style pulls make a sleek look on almost any style of cabinetry.
  5. Under-cabinet lighting: Dark kitchens don’t show well. Rechargeable LED light pucks, strips, or bars are great options for brightening up dimly lit kitchens.
  6. Window blinds: Tenants have moved away from requesting curtain rods to requesting window blinds. There is a plethora of options when it comes to window blinds, enough choices to fit any budget. Vinyl remains the cheapest option but expect to replace them every few years and/or in between tenancies.
  7. Good bathroom lighting: Throw some globe-style led bulbs in that vanity fixture! There are a lot of brightness options, and these bulbs last for years, lessening maintenance costs for you.
  8.  A new showerhead: The cheapest way to update a shower is with a new showerhead! It’s a small expense that tenants really appreciate. Even a dated bathroom seems more luxurious with the right shower head.
  9. The Welcome Mat: Since the showing starts at the front door, invest $30 in a nice doormat.  If the front door is all banged up, give it a fresh coat of paint.
  10. Make sure it’s clean: Prospective tenants look with their eyes and their noses. The previous tenant’s lingering cooking odors can be just as off-putting as a dirty toilet! If you can’t do any updates at all, at least make sure the unit is clean and smells fresh when showing it to prospective tenants. The showing sets the bar for how you expect the unit to be maintained. If you want clean and tidy tenants – show them clean and tidy units!