Maximizing Your Membership Experience: Touring the BPOA Website Pt Four: The Calendar & About Tabs

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Maximizing Your Membership Experience: Touring the BPOA Website

Part Four: The Calendar and About Tabs

    This month, we’ll wrap up our BPOA website navigation series by taking a look at the last two menu items, ‘Calendar’ and ‘About’, and I’ll let you know about a new addition to ‘Resources’ that you won’t want to miss!

Hop over to the ‘Calendar’ tab to see our upcoming events. The default display is in list view, but you can use the box on the right to switch to calendar view. Events are displayed in chronological order, starting with the most current. For event details, you can click the title of the event, or click the blue Details button. A laptop icon indicates a virtual (Zoom) webinar. To register, click the green Register Now button on the right side of the screen. If the Register Now button is not visible to you, ensure that you are logged in to your member account and have no outstanding dues.

Can’t find the Zoom link? If you’ve preregistered for a webinar, you can access Zoom from our website! Sign into your Member Compass™ 15 minutes before the event, click the Registered Events box, and then, click the Join Now! button. If you’re early, you’ll see a “Not Quite Time!” message.

Take a stroll through the ‘About’ section- a treasure trove of insights into who we are. Discover our purpose in “Our Mission,’ travel back in time with ‘A Brief History’ to trace the footsteps of our journey. Meet the faces of our ‘Board of Directors and Staff,’ unveil the meaning behind “Housing Provider” in ‘Why We’re “Housing Providers”’ and explore the trusted guide for our operations laid out in ‘BPOA Bylaws.’ Membership has its privileges – find out about them in ‘Membership & Services.’ Our ‘Disclaimer’ section is there to keep things clear and fair. ‘Contact Us’ sends an email directly to office staff; we welcome your questions and feedback. The last tab houses our Berkeley Rental Housing Coalition (BRHC) content. Read about why and when the Coalition was formed, who comprises their membership, and who sits on their board and staff. Learn about BRHC membership with the ‘BRHC Membership’ tab, learn what’s been newsworthy with ‘BRHC In The News,’ check out ‘California Lawsuits,’ and changes to state and public policy with ‘Legal & Advocacy.’ The ‘About’ section is more than just a word on a page; it’s rich with information about who we are and what we do.

And lastly, an update to the ‘Resources’ menu! We’ve published a list of the bills passed into law with the highest potential to impact our members. Click What’s New for 2024? To expand the description box, click the .

This article ends our four-part series. If you have any web navigation-related questions or suggestions, please reach out to