Managing the Hoarded Household

Posted By: Cuidone Corona Rental Housing,

Help! My tenant is hoarding and I don't know what to do. Hoarding is often a reflection of a serious mental health condition and may be a response to a traumatic event. The impact of hoarding on the tenant, unit, and neighbors, can be complicated and potentially costly. There are also quality-of-life factors to consider and safety concerns that could lead to negative consequences for all involved. We will address:

  1. How to identify a potential hoarding issue in a rental unit
  2. What to do if you suspect a tenant is hoarding
  3. Strategies to address the problem
  4. Community resources that can help.

Presenters: Cuidonce Corona, LMFT, Aging Services Division, Social Services Unit, South Berkeley Senior Center & Jeffrey Buell, LCSW, Mental Health Program Supervisor, Health, Housing & Community Services, City of Berkeley