Gentle and Effective with Hoarders

Landlord Tips ,

Dealing with hoarders and clutter-ers is a trial. We know. Here are some tips from Sam Sorokin at Premium Property Managements follow.

Remember that hoarding is a mental/ emotional problem. The tenant probably knows that they have this problem.
1.First step; approach gently and get an agreement from the tenant that they have too much stuff.
2.Next: document the heck out of it...photograph, photograph, photograph...then share the picture with the tenant...this will embarrass them.
3. set the ground rules.....define what you want that will support habitability/ safety/ etc. Get agreement from tenant .
4. set a deadline. (say 30 days until clean up) then say, "you know, let's give you six weeks"...(make yourself seem NICE and kind)
5.send a letter with all the agreements set out in order.
6.Friendly check in to see progress.
7.follow up with inspection and *another* deadline extension.
8. If no action, send the three day notice.
Sam at Premium said that he never had to send the 3 day notice and he's dealt with 6 or 7 hoarders. He also said that clutter-ers are more difficult to help.
Hope this gives you some guideline to follow.