30-Minute Webinar-Thermostat Rebate Program: Earn Cash Rewards

Posted By: BPOA Master Rental Housing,

In response to growing concerns over environmental health, the California legislature banned the sale of mercury thermostats in 2006. Much of Berkeley's housing was built decades prior, which means there's a high probability that one of these beauties has graced the walls of your rental property at some point and maybe is still there today!

So, what should you do if your property still has a mercury thermostat? You should participate in Thermostat Care's Mercury Thermostat Rebate Program! As we head into the rental turnover season, take advantage of vacancy events to replace any mercury thermostats with non-mercury-containing devices and offset your costs with a rebate. 

Attend this webinar to learn the potential harms of mercury exposure and how to:

  • identify a mercury thermostat
  • safely dispose of mercury-containing thermostats
  • earn a $30 per thermostat rebate (mail-in and local drop-off options)

Allie Shields of Thermostat Care will host this webinar through the Extended Producer Responsibility Program.

Berkeley's drop-off location: Truitt & White Lumber, 642 Hearst Ave, 94710

To access the Rebate Form, click here.

To watch the playback recording, click here.

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