Unlocking Berkeley: A Comprehensive Workshop in Leasing Strategies

A 2-hour seminar by Sam Sorokin, Premium Properties and Premium Concierge

Thursday, February 15, 2024
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (PST)
via Zoom
Category: Educational Webinars

BPOA board of directors vice president and 30-year industry professional returns to our educational webinar platform for his first 2024 appearance. 

In this two-hour seminar, Sam will give a comprehensive overview of leasing and lease renewal best practices. We will cover:

  • Understanding how to write leases that expire during prime leasing months
  • Why month-to-month leases are a poor business decision
  • What to do when the market fluctuates
  • The true cost of a vacancy
  • Strategies for preventing extended vacancies
  • Why lease renewal is even more important in a declining market
  • Strategies for retaining tenants
  • Knowing your competition and pricing appropriately
  • Creating effective marketing
  • Tenant screening and discrimination

Most of our webinars and workshops are recorded for playback and will be available in our On-Demand library one week after the live event. Please be aware that a few may have limited availability. Thank you for your understanding.

Meet Our Speaker

Sam Sorokin is the President and Founder of Premium Properties (www.premiumpd.com), a full-service property management and investment company servicing the Berkeley, Oakland, and Albany areas. They manage properties for their clients, as well as for themselves and their investors. Their innovative management policies, procedures, and systems maximize the returns for their clients while providing premium service to their residents.

Sam is also the President and Founder of Premium Concierge Services (www.yourpremiumconcierge.com), which offers bundled amenities and services to residents in the form of a membership that enhances the value of the apartments they reside in. Sam has a consulting practice that offers advice on managing residential and commercial income properties for owners who wish to still self-manage but need help handling complex problems or even some of the easy ones. 

Before Premium Properties, Sam founded and later sold Rental Solutions, a company that searched for rental housing for busy tenants. He also was a mortgage broker and served as a commissioner on the Berkeley Rent Board. Sam is an active board member of the BPOA, co-founded and is on the board of the BRHC, and serves on the legislative committee of CalRHA. Don't hesitate to contact Sam at bpoa@premiumpd.com if you have any follow-up questions about his presentation or are interested in any of his services. Sam offers new clients a free 20-minute consultation.

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