Monthly Owners Forum: Top Four Ways Properties are Mis/Under Managed

with Sam Sorokin, Premium Properties

Thursday, November 17, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (PST)
Via Zoom
Category: Educational Webinars

Please join us for our new monthly series - an opportunity to have your questions answered by a property management expert! We will start each session discussing the Topic of the Day for 20 minutes (this month's topic is The Top Four Ways Properties are Mis/Under Managed plus a 5-minute primer on AGA increases and security deposit interest), followed by a Q&A of any burning property management questions. Attendees will have the chance to ask general property management questions or share a specific situation they are dealing with.

Come get guidance from someone who has 30 years of experience in the industry.

Sam Sorokin is the President and Founder of Premium Properties (, a full-service property management and investment company servicing the Berkeley, Oakland, and Albany areas. They manage properties for their clients, as well as for themselves and their investors. Their innovative management policies, procedures, and systems maximize the returns for their clients while providing premium service to their residents. 

Sam is also the President and Founder of Premium Concierge Services (, which offers bundled amenities and services to residents in the form of a membership that enhances the value of the apartments they reside in. Sam has a consulting practice that offers advice on managing residential and commercial income properties for owners who wish to still self-manage but need help handling complex problems or even some of the easy ones. 

Before Premium Properties, Sam founded and later sold Rental Solutions, a company that searched for rental housing for busy tenants. He also was a mortgage broker and served as a commissioner on the Berkeley Rent Board. Sam is an active board member of the BPOA, co-founded and is on the board of the BRHC, and serves on the legislative committee of CalRHA. 

Please feel free to contact Sam at if you have any follow-up questions about his presentation or are interested in any of his services.  Sam offers new clients 20 minutes of consulting for free.

Questions are prioritized by those who have submitted them via email in advance to and whose questions are more general in nature. If it is a specific issue, please try and be as detailed as you can describing the situation. (Please limit your description to 1,000 words).

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