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One of the advantages of being a member of BPOA is having access to a wide array of useful forms, some of which have been created just for our members. For example, The BPOA RENTAL AGREEMENT F09 is specific to Berkeley and includes lead, asbestos and sex offender language. You can view the complete list of available forms here, but only members can download.

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December 02
ZOOM Meeting: Insurance New Claim Prevention for Rental Housing Providers

December 08
How'd We Get in This Mess? A Political History of Berkeley Rent Regulations

December 24

December 31

January 06
Managing Tenant Liability: A Legal Look (webinar)

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Resource & Community Links

Tenant Background & Credit Checks

Tenant Background Checks for both credit and criminal background. NOTE: in Berkeley you are no longer permitted to do criminal background checks on a prospective tenant. You may run a background check for any civil lawsuits, but not for criminal ones. Current does not allow you to order credit only reports. If you need a credit only report, please see:

Prospective Tenant Credit Check

If you are only permitted to do a credit check on a tenant (because you are subject to the Fair Chance Ordinance) you may use Experian's product to invite your tenant to provide you with access to their credit report. The tenant pays a fee and releases to you access to the report. All you need is the tenant's name and email address.

Berkeley Rent Laws & Regulations

Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board

Craig's List for Pricing Your Rental

Want to know how to price your rental? Go to Craig's List and look to find a comparable unit to see what you might charge for your rental. It is always recommended to price yours slightly under the competition, so that you are sure to draw attention! You can use the features of Craig's List to narrow down your competition by selecting number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, type of rental (i.e. SFR, duplex, multi-unit) and any additional features your rental might have.

Megans Law Offender Locator

start with the disclaimer link and move to the locator page.

Michael St. John and Associates

Oakland Rent Laws & Regulations

Protect Your Family From Lead Pamphlet

For your tenants at time of move in

Rent Board FAQs

Over the years, the Berkeley Rent Board receives inquiries from tenants and landlords ranging from very specific concerns about individual units, to broader questions about rent control in general.

Small Property Owners of San Francisco

Rental Glut Sends Chill Through Hottest U.S. Rental Markets

An important discussion about the chilling effect of rent control on the housing market. September 7, 2018

Terner Center for Housing Innovation - Rent Control

Why we need a new conversation on rent control in California today. May, 2018, UC Berkeley

Electronic Waste Center with Free Pickup for Berkeley Residents

They take monitors/ TVs/ Computers/ cell phones/ printers/copiers/microwaves

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