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One of the advantages of being a member of BPOA is having access to a wide array of useful forms, some of which have been created just for our members. For example, The BPOA RENTAL AGREEMENT F09 is specific to Berkeley and includes lead, asbestos and sex offender language. You can view the complete list of available forms here, but only members can download.

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January 05
Rent Control 101 in Today's Market

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Resource & Community Links

Tenant Background & Credit Checks

Tenant Background Checks.

Ashby Lumber

Berkeley Ashby Lumber is our partner in maintaining the housing stock of Berkeley.

Berkeley Rent Laws & Regulations

The McConnell Group

Consultants and Advocates The McConnell Group represents premier homebuilders, management companies, independent housing providers, and trade associations.

Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board

Megans Law Offender Locator

start with the disclaimer link and move to the locator page.

Zilpy... a Resource for Landlords

Zilpy gives information on local comparable rents.

Michael St. John and Associates

A Rent Affair

Paul Krugman (Princeton economist, NYT columnist & bestselling author), New York Times (2000)

Oakland Rent Laws & Regulations

Protect Your Family From Lead Pamphlet

For your tenants at time of move in

Rent Board FAQs

Over the years, the Berkeley Rent Board receives inquiries from tenants and landlords ranging from very specific concerns about individual units, to broader questions about rent control in general.

Rent Control & Housing Investment: Evidence from Deregulation in Cambridge, MA

Dr. Henry Pollakowski, MIT/CRE, for Manhattan Institute (2003)

Small Property Owners of San Francisco

Why own when you can rent?

Why own when you can rent? Homes that sell for a lot of money are available for $1,500 a month. G. Pascal Zachary for the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday, September 25, 2005

Electronic Waste Center with Free Pickup for Berkeley Residents

They take monitors/ TVs/ Computers/ cell phones/ printers/copiers/microwaves

Small Property Owners of New York

SPONY is a non-profit, self-help organization of small property owners founded in 1984. Our purpose is to educate the small property owner, promote networking among small property owners and to provide group power as the voice of the small property owner in New York City and Albany.

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