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Another advantage of being a member of BPOA is that you will receive our monthly print newsletter. From news and political reports to articles and advice, we cover the state and local issues you need to know about as a housing provider in Berkeley.
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About BPOA

Membership Benefits & Services

Joining BPOA is the easiest business decision you'll ever make. Benefits for Housing Providers include:

  • Education. We alert you to the near-constant changes in the laws and regulations that govern Berkeley housing. We share Berkeley-only property management tips from our members. We host workshops and seminars where you can get help from professionals. And of course, you receive our prized monthly newsletter.

  • Emergency Help. A quick call to our office can help you avoid costly mistakes.

  • Forms. DON'T make the mistake of using mass-market leases or other forms that haven't been adapted to Berkeley's peculiar laws!

  • Political Advocacy. This is YOUR trade association, and we protect you. Our staff and always-vigilant members track local developments. Our activities return far more to your bottom line than the cost of your membership.
  • Benefits Like This: Now, new and renewing members will receive a coupon good for 50% off their next purchase of up to $100 in merchandise. That's like getting a check for $50 when you join or renew! The discount applies to nearly everything sold at Ashby Lumber & Hardware. Only power tools, sale items, and special orders are excluded. Coupons will be mailed by BPOA to qualifying new and renewing members.

We offer two membership categories.

  • Regular Members (Housing Providers) pay a base fee of $120 plus $10 per number of units owned.

  • Associate Members are other lay folk and professionals interested in Berkeley housing policies and the Berkeley housing market, but have no rental units. Associate members pay a flat $200 per year.
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